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How Apples Can Help You Avoid the Pain of Constipation

How Apples Can Help You Avoid the Pain of Constipation And, what to do if you’re already constipated. It’s not exactly dinner conversation but according to Statistics Canada over a quarter of the population reports suffering from chronic constipation. A... read more

Get Your Apple a Day with These Creative Breakfast Ideas

Get Your Apple a Day with These Creative Breakfast Ideas 5 ways to up your apple intake before noon We all know the old adage about ‘an apple a day’ but if you’re finding it difficult to remember to eat your apple each day  it might be best to do it... read more

Contest Alert! Ambrosia Apple Chef of the Year

Contest Alert! Ambrosia Apple Chef of the Year Vote for Your Favourite Recipe and You Could Win We can’t decide which is our favourite part of our latest contest Ambrosia Apple Chef of the Year. The part where we get to learn creative Ambrosia apple recipes... read more

How Can an Apple Save your New Year’s Resolutions?

How Can an Apple Save your New Year’s Resolutions? Starting the New Year with One Good Habit. It’s that time of year again when we shed the old year and look forward to a new one filled with hopes and resolutions. However, statistics show that our new year... read more

Why Prune Ambrosia Trees in the Dead of Winter?

The Apple Orchard Sleeps, but the Farmers Don’t You might be inclined to think that Ambrosia apple growers kick up their feet and relax all winter long while the trees slumber. Think again. Winter is an important time in the orchard and farmers are out there... read more

Spicy Ambrosia Apple Cider Recipe

A Warm Apple Hug on a Cold Day There are two common reactions to seeing snow falling outside the window. It’s time to go outside and play / shovel / prune some Ambrosia apple trees (okay, maybe that’s just us). It’s time to snuggle up beside the fire... read more

Last Minute, Healthy Hostess Gifts

Show them you care (even if you forgot to plan) It’s party season! You’ve got your cheery attitude and you’re ready to belt out some carols.  But, oops – what about a little something for your host? If hostess gifts tend to be an afterthought... read more

Ambrosia Apples Announce Curling Sponsorships

Ambrosia Apples Announce Curling Sponsorships Ambrosia Apples in the House (that’s curling humour) Ambrosia is happy to get behind the growing curling movement in Canada as a sponsor of the Home Hardware Canada Cup 2016, the 2016 Travelers Curling Club... read more

How to Marinate Your Ambrosia Apples [Recipe]

An Experimental Dessert Recipe Worth Tweeting About Remember when finding a new recipe meant buying or borrowing a cook book? These days we encounter recipes in all corners of our digital world – including Twitter. We recently spotted a series of tweets by Ed... read more

How Did Ambrosia Apple Come to Be?

Revealing the Mysterious Origins of Ambrosia Apples You may have heard that Ambrosia apples are the result of a ‘chance seedling.’ This explanation leads to many more questions and further fuels the mystery of where Ambrosia apples came from. The technical... read more

Freshest Salad Topping Ideas

How to take any salad to the next level Salads are a great way to add healthy eating to your day but let’s face it, all those greens can get a little boring. We’ve got some great suggestions on how to take your salad to the next level of deliciousness,... read more

What is the Best Bedtime Snack for Sleep?

How an Apple Before Bed Can Help You Sleep Better. As the days get shorter, there’s one topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind – sleep.  It’s natural that our circadian rhythms shift with the seasons but altering our routines isn’t... read more

Do Dentists Love or Hate Apples?

5 Ways Your Teeth Benefit from Eating Apples Most people are familiar with the adage, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. In recent years, this has been amended to, ‘an apple a day keeps the dentist away’ but is this true? Do dentist really... read more

Ambrosia Apples: From Tree to Table

The journey of your favourite apple starts at harvest time. Have you ever looked at your Ambrosia apple and wondered how it got from the orchard to the store where you bought it? Each apple goes on quite an adventure before it winds up in your fruit bowl at home.... read more

What’s Behind the Apple Cider Vinegar Trend?

How Fermenting Ambrosia Apples Could Boost Your Health Have you heard of the apple cider vinegar craze? Drinking apple cider vinegar is nothing new but it’s regaining popularity in a lot of healthy-eating circles. It’s more than a fad. There is substance... read more

Bats in the Orchard

Bats in the Orchard Why Farmers Want More Winged Friends Bats get a bad rap. You can blame Halloween with it’s scary fanged version of bats. Or, perhaps old folktales are responsible with their depiction of bats as blood-sucking, flying rodent. Most people turn... read more

5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthier

5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthier Strategies to help children eat better. With back-to-school comes a return to bagged lunches and after-school snacks. For a lot of parents, this poses a challenge – how to prepare food that’s healthy but that kids will actually eat.... read more

Ambrosia Apples and Kohlrabi in a Slaw Recipe

Ambrosia Apples and Kohlrabi in a Slaw Recipe Picnic Pleaser. We always love finding Ambrosia apple recipes that are perfect for a picnic or potluck. This recipe from Good Food screams, “take me to the park and share me!” The trick to a good apple slaw is getting... read more

How Ambrosia Apples Help Runners Perform and Recover

Runners’ Secret Revealed Whether you’re a casual jogger or training for a marathon, your runner’s body needs nutrients to perform and recover. Luckily, the solution is both easy and tasty – Ambrosia apples. Before your run, an apple is a light... read more

Ambrosia Apples & The Power of Snacking

  Ambrosia Apples & The Power of Snacking Snacking Breaks Free From Bad Rap In our busy lives and convenience-driven world, nutrition can sometimes take a back seat. Nutritionists all over North America are surprising people with their latest approach to... read more


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